The End of the Sky

Sandi Toksvig, Amy de Bhrun (Read by)

Random House presents The End of the Sky by Sandi Toksvig, read by Amy de Bhrun

11-year-old Slim Hannigan and her family left their home in Ireland to travel to America - in search of a better life. It has been so long and such a journey that Slim Hannigan and the rest of her family can't even imagine what home looks like anymore. And there are many, many miles across America for them to travel before they reach their destination.

Between them and the home of their uncle lie thousands of miles of dangerous land, wild animals and strangers who do not wish them well. Slim has to draw on bravery like she's never known to keep her family together and to keep them moving forward.

  • RHCP Digital
  • Published 5th October 2017
  • 653 Minutes
  • £11.00