Due for release 4th October 2018

Square Eyes

Anna Mill, Luke Jones

Are you talking about . . . reality? Like . . . physical reality? That’s what you’re sick of?

Fin has been un-networked. She used to be a brilliant code writer, a technical genius who created Corvis, a program so powerful, so unusual that she was untouchable. Until she wasn’t. Now she is locked out of the virtual reality systems that control society. Another woman is living in her apartment, living her life. And she can’t remember how any of this happened.

Meanwhile, people have started disappearing from the streets of the city and the program that she wrote and the company she founded might be implicated.

Square Eyes is a graphic novel about the hazy line where memory, dreams and the digital world intersect. It’s a heist story of hackers and coders told in a kaleidoscopic palette and asks: in an algorithm, who really holds the power? What is weakness? And when is it most dangerous?

  • Jonathan Cape
  • Published 4th October 2018
  • 256 Pages
  • £18.99