• "Her work has a velocity and a trajectroy that is little less than dazzling and a tough, enveloping, exhilarating voice than cannot be equaled."

    Joy Williams, New York Times
  • "A consistently arresting, frequently stunning collection...Even more impressive than Russell's critically acclaimed novel."

    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Karen Russell’s third book, the story collection “Vampires in the Lemon Grove,” should cement her reputation as one of the most remarkable fantasists writing today"

    Elizabeth Hand, Washington Post
  • "Russell can take Antarctic tailgaters, an army of seagulls or simply a window and twist a tale that explodes on the page and lingers in the mind"

    Fiona Wilson, The Times
  • "A touch of paradoxically grounding pixie humour. This way of writing is so clever that nothing needs to be added to the set-up… These stories have unbelievable strength"

    M John Harrison, Guardian