• "Only bad thing about his books is that they eventually end. Brilliant."

    Jonny Lee Miller
  • "Vividly set in England and America during the booming industrial era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this stylish thriller conjures a perfect demon to symbolize the age and its appetites..."

    The New York Times
  • "From its attention-grabbing opening, this period thriller moves back and forth in time to tell a compelling story of a man battling against what he believes to be demonic forces … [Gallagher] is brilliantly successful at evoking the shifting, transient world of travelling theatres and cheap carnivals that provide the backdrop to his twisting tale"

    Sunday Times
  • "If thriller-reading were a sin, Stephen Gallagher would be responsible for my ultimate damnation."

    Dean R. Koontz