• "Mezrich writes some of the most exciting non-fiction books I've ever read ... This is a fascinating tale ... Mezrich's huge strength as an author is that he manages to bring characters to life so quickly. Within a few chapters, everyone who he's writing about has been vividly described and I was desperate to find out what happened to each of them"

    The Bookbag
  • "Peppered with fast cars, cocktails, parties and beautiful women, this is an exhilarating ride."

    Press Association, syndicated review
  • "Ben Mezrich’s Straight Flush reads like a thriller and it rattles along at breakneck speed … It’s a well written book about an internet start up and how it all went wrong."

    Irish Times
  • "Mesmerizing"

    Sorted magazine - 5 STARS
  • "A pacy read"

    Sunday Business Post