• "The fact that this novel is seriously riveting is a testament to Robert Harris's storytelling power; he conjures knuckle-blanching suspense from a very well-known piece of history."

    BOOKS OF THE YEAR, The Times
  • "Harris’ retelling of the Dreyfus case is as taut and exciting as anything by Forsyth or Follet."

    BOOKS OF THE YEAR, Guardian
  • "Menace and suspense twist tight in a narrative of tremendous tension."

    BOOKS OF THE YEAR, Sunday Times
  • "Superb . . . Harris demonstrates his unique ability to recreate historical events and turn them into spellbinding thriller . . . Written with scalpel-like precision and the elegance we expect of Harris, there is a passion here that justifies calling it a masterpiece."

    BOOKS OF THE YEAR, Daily Mail
  • "A brilliant retelling of a scandal that became one of the most famous miscarriages of justice . . . the most gripping book I've read this year."

    BOOKS OF THE YEAR, Mail on Sunday