Tree Fu Tom: Search for the Squizzle!

A Lift-The-Flap Adventure

When Tom and his friends play a game of Squizzle, Twigs attempts a tricky move that sends his Squizzle pod soaring – straight into a deep, dark canyon! It’s said that an oh-so-scary spider lives down there, and Twigs is worried that he’ll never get his Squizzle back. But Tom isn’t afraid of spiders – much! – especially when he has Big World magic to help him . . .

Do the moves that turn the magic on, then join Tom, Twigs and the others as they search for the Squizzle!

  • Bantam Children
  • Published 31st January 2013
  • 16 Pages
  • 230mm x 230mm x 4mm
  • 151g
  • £5.99