• "Thomas Pynchon, America’s greatest novelist, has written the greatest novel about the most significant events in his country’s 21st century history. It is unequivocally a masterpiece."

    Stuart Kelly, Scotsman
  • "It’s dense, complex and riotously, ridiculously funny."

  • "The looming shadow of 9/11 touches every page. Nonetheless, many of those pages are outrageously funny, others are sexy, touchingly domestic, satirical or deeply mysterious. All are brilliantly written in Pynchon’s characteristically revved-up, even slightly over-revved style – a joy to read… Swarms with amazing characters… Full of verbal sass and pizzazz, as well as conspiracies within conspiracies, Bleeding Edge is totally gonzo, totally wonderful. It really is good to have Thomas Pynchon around, doing what he does best."

    Michael Dirda, Washington Post
  • "Bleeding Edge, Pynchon’s eighth novel, is the best and most surprising thing he’s written since those great books… The jokes in this novel, incidentally, are superb, with the comic tone perhaps a career high point."

    Tim Martin, Telegraph
  • "Part thriller, part detective story, it’s a vibrant portrait of a city on the cusp of change."

    Sonia Juttla, Sunday Telegraph