• "<b>It is an unforgettable novel,</b> and leaves the reader in no doubt that<b> Kushner is one of America’s greatest living authors.</b>"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "<b>One of the greatest novels I have read in years</b>. Her prior novel, <i>The Flamethrowers</i>, was expansive and thrilling, but this is richer and deeper, more ambitious in its moral vision… <b>an exhilarating, always surprising read.</b>"

    Irish Times
  • "When I finished reading <i>The Mars Room</i>, <b>I immediately reread it because I didn’t want to leave its world</b>… <i>The Mars Room</i> teems with quick and distinctive voices."

    Financial Times
  • "Cements [Kushner's] status as<b> one of America's finest writers</b>."

    Vogue, **Must-Read Books of 2018**
  • "<b>I’ve been bowled over by Rachel Kushner’s <i>The Mars Room</i></b> [about life in a women’s prison]. <b>It’s astounding</b> – very difficult to read but <b>so beautifully done</b>, and with such knowledge, although it doesn’t feel like a “researched” book."