• "A remarkable novel from one of Angola’s most notable storytellers"

    Angel Gurria-Quintana, Financial Times, Books of the year
  • "The light detachment and readability of Louis de Bernières at his best, but combined with the sharp insights of JM Coetzee… Agualusa’s writing is a delight throughout"

  • "In the hands of a literary expert and sensitive empathist like Agualusa, Ludo’s life story is irresistible"

    Jane Graham, Big Issue
  • "Agualusa has already become one of lusophone Africa's most distinctive voices. In a line that was surely included to bait book reviewers, one of the novel's characters declares: 'A man with a good story is practically a king.' If this is true, then Agualusa can count himself among the continent's new royals"

    Financial Times
  • "The book is a wonderful mix of life and dramas real and imagine worlds and how someone avoids madness just in more than thirty years apart from the real world… This book shows why we maybe should be trying to get more books out of the Lusophone world."

  • "A fascinating dark horse"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times