• "The sisterly cooking brand, Hemsley + Hemsley, is fast becoming a household name, like Marmite or Nutella. But unlike Marmite, you either love them, or you really love them, and unlike Nutella, they spread deliciously healthy food stories around the world."

  • "Poised for cookery superstardom"

    The Bookseller
  • "Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley's cookbook has arguably been the most popular cookbook all year so far… It is a massive hit; a triumphant treatise on eating real, unprocessed and nourishing food."

    Carolyn Hart, Telegraph
  • "I love everything these gorgeous sisters create"

    Calgary Avansino, Vogue
  • "Model looks and a food blog for Vogue have made Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley the go-to caterers for the fashion set. Now they have shared their recipes…so we civilians can get in on their healthy eating ways"

    The Times

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