• "I still feel that Alice Munro is mine. I am the perfect audience for her brand of quiet, seething feminism"

    Lena Dunham
  • "Munro is so good that one gropes for superlatives"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Superb. Its dense weave of colour and texture offers manifold witty surprises and the poetry of place that is the hallmark of Munro’s stories"

    Steve Davies, Independent
  • "In Munro's work, nothing can be predicted. Emotions erupt. Preconceptions crumble. Surprises proliferate"

    Margaret Atwood
  • "Her prose is exact and unflinching, coolly anatomising vengeful grudges, dark crimes and curdled emotions"

  • "The Nobel laureate’s mastery of the miniature is clear in this early portrait of small-town life"

    Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
  • "She is one of the handful of writers, some living, most dead, whom I have in mind when I say that fiction is my religion"

    Jonathan Franzen
  • "She knows us better than we know ourselves. She always has"

    Washington Times
  • "Reading Munro's cut-crystal prose is unadulterated pleasure"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A compelling portrait of the artist as a young girl"

    Maggie Doherty, The Times Literary Supplement