• "A remarkable, authentic and chilling exposé of a global conspiracy that reads like a first-rate conspiracy thriller: a book of gripping, compulsive and disturbing impact"

    William Boyd
  • "Partly a thriller, partly a deeper exposé about the vast power the surveillance state, Dark Mirror is a riveting page-turner that captures the danger and drama of the most important leak of classified material in generations"

    Carol Leonnig, three-time Pulitzer winner and bestselling author of A Very Stable Genius
  • "Bart Gellman is that rare combination of a tenacious reporter, a clear explicator of the most complex subjects, and a first-rate storyteller, all rolled into one. This book is a deep exploration of a surveillance apparatus of unimaginable magnitude, a chronicle of Gellman's intense and sometimes fraught relationship with his enigmatic and controversial source, Edward Snowden, and an intimate, disarmingly candid reporter's notebook about what it's like to spend years watching the watchers, and realizing, along the way, that they are watching you back"

    Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland
  • "A riveting narrative of investigative reporting in the age of surveillance. It is a dramatic, authoritative account not only of the significance of Edward Snowden’s revelations, but of what public interest journalism must overcome to inform citizens about their exposure to our dystopian Internet"

    Steve Coll, Pulitzer-winning author of Ghost Wars and Directorate S
  • "An enthralling tale of how Barton Gellman, one of the great investigative journalists of our era, worked to understand, process, and report the greatest and most challenging leaks of all time. Dark Mirror is a spy-thriller page-turner and a gripping, self-reflective master-class on how to discern truth in the dark shadows of the intelligence world"

    Jack Goldsmith, Professor of Law, Harvard University
  • "A riveting and often surprising account. The scope of the NSA global snooping campaign is more shocking than ever, as Gellman pieces together the puzzle. If you want to understand how intelligence works in the 21st century, Dark Mirror is a must"

    David Ignatius, columnist for the Washington Post and author of The Paladin
  • "An endlessly insightful narrative ... that deserves its place alongside All the President’s Men ... and other classics of the genre ... A riveting, timely book sure to be one of the most significant of the year"