• How to never miss a 4ft putt . . . ever. The perfect putting method

    GQ Magazine
  • I have never drawn a straight line so well as with this Trevillion Split-Hand Putting Method. I might well give up putting and concentrate on painting!

    Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer and presenter
  • Give this Trevillion putting method an extensive trial.

    Sir Henry Cotton, 3-times Open Champion
  • The extended right arm is one of the secrets of putting.

    Henry Longhurst, the 'voice of golf' commentator
  • For those using that pistol style grip, pencil grip - anything you want to call it...strange looking grip...Good working grip, is what I call it!

    Butch Harmon, Sky Sports commentator and legendary US golf instructor, June 2017, commenting on Tommy Fleetwood putting for Birdie at the US Open
  • With the Split Hand Pencil Grip the stroke felt a lot smoother.

    Justin Rose, from an LA Times interview
  • The Pencil Grip is so good you feel like you've missed it and it still goes in! - It's a good stroke.

    Paige Mackenzie, analysing the Sergio Garcia Pencil Grip on the Morning Drive Show, USA
  • The Pencil split hand grip is the hottest putting style on the US PGA Tour.

    Shawn Clement, Richmond Hill Academy Director & CPGA Class 'A' Teaching Pro, Golfwrx website, April 2017