• This high-suspense tale offer a more convincing portrait of amoral intelligence agents and the havoc they wreak than almost any journalistic account of Third World skullduggery

    Washington Post Sunday
  • For all its chaos and complexity, The Laughing Monsters is one of Johnson’s most disciplined efforts

    Nathaniel Rich, Atlantic
  • This echoes of Graham Greene’s bleak cynicism and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, it’s a gripping romp through a world of corruption, government interference, big business manipulation and all sorts of other shenanigans to boot

    Doug Johnstone, Big Issue
  • It has an irresistible sense of hopelessness

    Eva Dolan, Metro
  • The Laughing Monsters is part espionage thriller and part screwball comedy, and it straddles those far-flung genres with more grace than you might think possible

    Edmund Gordon, Sunday Times

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