• "Jill Soloway is so utterly magnificent. I devoured these two hundred pages like they were a delicious papusa bought from the Silver Lake farmers' market"

    Dolly Alderton
  • "This memoir elicits an essential question: Could making radical art with your radical friends ever actually change the power structure? ... If you're anything like Jill Soloway, it could at least give you a way to channel your rage into something positive and even beautiful"

    Alysia Abbott, New York Times
  • "A funny and brutally honest book about what it means to be a woman and what it takes to be a creator, She Wants It is deeply personal but always universal in its unapologetic recounting of a life lived and raw talent shared. Good. Detailed. Honest. Needed"

    Amy Poehler
  • "She Wants It is an extraordinary examination of feminism, ambition, artistic desire, chance and career by one of the greatest American writer/directors working today. Soloway surveys the trajectory of their life, and the creation of their groundbreaking series Transparent, with courage, self-knowledge, humility, and wit. Their voice got inside me, I was totally hooked"

    Chris Kraus
  • "Fearlessly revealing, deeply felt, rigorous and compassionate, She Wants It offers an intimate portrait of Jill Solway's remarkable life and, simultaneously, a portrait of the larger human struggle to create, from a revolutionary TV show to a revolution in the culture itself. It's a rare and, yes, an important book"

    Michael Cunningham, author of THE HOURS
  • "A total inspiration"

  • "Told with wit so sharp you can cut yourself"

  • "Jill Soloway's writing remains unparalleled by any other when it comes to entertaining us while slyly changing our culture toward acceptance and equality. She Wants It opens our eyes and makes us giggle all along. You will savour every word"

    Amy Schumer
  • "Most writers hide in memoirs, sharing little real stories. With generous open-hearted honesty, courage and compassion, Soloway invites us to hear true stories. They share the difficult painful revelations, triumphs and failures. Listening to them, readers laugh, cry, love and, most important, learn"

    bell hooks
  • "A page-turning insight into the zeitgeist from one of our most essential voices working today"