• "Portas writes with wit and verve... The book has the narrative charm of Anita and Me or The Buddha of Suburbia; so when the darkness comes it's genuinely shocking. Shop Girl is a testament to survival. But most of all it is a love letter to her mother, Mary Flynn. Every joke, argument, cake baked, tenderness proffered, sings off the page. 'To my mum - How lucky was I getting you' is the book's dedication. And we are lucky to read it."

  • "Enormous fun, readable, nostalgic, poignant and authentic... Read it then give it to your daughter"

    Daily Express
  • "Absolutely fabulous... Colourful, camp and unexpectedly heart-rending, I loved it."

    Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller
  • "Her school stories are hilarious... a nostalgia-fest"

  • "Portas's memoir is witty, fascinating and, at times, sad but always compelling"


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