• Immensely enjoyable

  • As a new entry into the setting, it serves as a vibrant look into the lore backed with a solid story, showing the best and worst of both sides in this war

    Starburst Magazine
  • It’s a real throwback to the 20,000 AD books of old, and seeing this style transplanted into the Star Wars universe is a real treat. In short, Twilight Companyis far better than what is essentially a piece of videogame tie-in merchandise has any right to be

    SciFi Now
  • ‘a compelling and realistic story…it is a character-driven story with each character having multiple layers that are slowly peeled away as the story progresses from battle to battle…Battlefront: Twilight Companyhas a truth of realism and purpose for its characters not seen often enough in the Star Wars galaxy.’ 4.5 stars

    Star Wars Books & Comics

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