• "Here lies the magic of the genre; it allows you to dip your toe into an adrenaline-pumping world, while in the safety of your own armchair... It's Niffenegger's eclectic edit of stories from the past 200 years that really left us reeling"

  • "There are shivers aplenty in this collection of ghostly tales by a variety of authors, chosen by Niffenegger, from the eerie and uncanny to the delightfully odd. Each story, creepy as it is, has a sense of loss and curtailment at its heart"

  • "The action takes place in a classic creepy house - a motif that also appears in Audrey Niffenegger's short story "Secret Life With Cats", a standout in Ghostly, an anthology of tales intended to cause shudders"

  • "Niffenegger is a prolific graphic novelist and her monochrome illustrations… really bring the stories to life"

    Jessica Whiteley, four stars, Stylist
  • "All the classics in one place"

    Chloe Gipson, Marie Claire