• "The Hypnotist explores what it is to be kind, to be curious, to love and to express yourself – to be human, in other words - in the face of intense racial and sexual bigotry, cruelty and violence. It’s a passionate, important novel"

    Amnesty International
  • "Full of suspense and heartbreak, this is a powerful account of survival amid irrational, omnipresent hatred"

  • "A beautifully written story . . . it's hard to believe this is Anholt's first full-length novel . . . I can't wait to check out his next offering!"

    Scottish Book Trust
  • "I was absolutely gripped: compelling storytelling with a powerful anti-racist message"

    The Bookseller
  • "Portray[s] a stunningly accurate historical picture of the American South in the 60’s. A fascinating tale told with confidence"

    Askeys & Holts Children's Newsletter

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