• "Essential reading for anybody who cares about the future."

    New Statesman **Books of the year**
  • "A seriously great book, important and urgent… As soon as I finished Our Place, I packaged up my copy and sent it off to Michael Gove… this is the kind of book that demands action."

  • "Best known as one of our foremost nature writers, Mark Cocker spent several years researching this tour de force… stuffed with eye-opening statistics… by turns hopeful, melancholy and humorous… [Our Place] is heartfelt."

    BBC Wildlife **Book of the Month**
  • "Thunderingly necessary… Cocker on this kind of form – eloquent, practical, dogged and wise – is the sort of dynamic chivvying force [conservation] will always need… the book he’s written – however measured, equable and intelligent – is a call for revolution."

    New Statesman
  • "Impassioned, expert and always beautifully writtenOur Place is a sobering and magnificent work."

    Sunday Times
  • "It is easy to be angry about environmental destruction; easy to demand change without hope but in this potent, elegant and influencing telling of the story of what we have done to England's wildlife, Mark Cocker archives something more: a reasoned tone in a radical cause. If you care about our country, read it."

    Evening Standard **Books of the Year**
  • "What a relief it is to have this subject explored without the usual diatribes and righteous hysteria. Cocker’s quiet tone carries great authority and… [Our Place] deserves to command respect and wide attention."

    Literary Review
  • "A fierce polemic by an eminent ornithologist about Britain’s denuded natural habitat."

    Sunday Times **Must Reads**
  • "FascinatingOur Place is a brave book... It will undoubtedly ruffle what few figurative feathers we have left."

    Caught by the River
  • "A new book by Mark Cocker is a major event, and [Our Place] is no exception… Cocker has always been brilliant at considering our relationship with nature… You can come away from it feeling that something can be done, that we can save Britain’s wildlife, if only there is the will to turn well-meaning generalities into action. The clock is ticking."

    Bird Watching