• "Lonely Boy is often eye-wateringly funny … Jones is good at puncturing myth … His book’s a delight."

    Observer, 'Music Book of the Day'
  • "The Sex Pistols guitarist details his life – an impoverished Sixties childhood, sexual abuse and dalliances with crime – in a way that is both moving and candid."

    Telegraph, 'Top 50 Books of the Year'
  • "The Pistols’ story, retold refreshingly and with added rumpage … What’s special about this book is its story arc, which will make the most hardened punk well up … A poignant, honest, drily humorous rump-fest from a lost soul found."

  • "[An] absolute riot of revelation…[Jones] owns up to his failings with a colourful candour that is moving."

    Neil McCormick, Telegraph
  • "It can be harrowing, hilarious, and often touching, but above all, Lonely Boy is life-affirming. Thank you, Steve Jones."

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