• "Confirms Frank Gardner’s place among the pantheon of distinguished reporters who have become excellent thriller writers, including Gerald Seymour and Frederick Forsyth . . . utterly authentic . . . it grips like a python from the first page, squeezing the breath out of the reader."

  • "Outstanding."

  • "Frank Gardner’s second thriller is even closer than his first, Crisis, to dealing with the world’s most immediate fears . . . current international events do not necessarily turn into exciting novels, but Gardner skilfully mixes knowledge garnered as the BBC’s security correspondent with breathless action."

    Marcel Berlins, THE TIMES
  • "Lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending. Good stuff."

    Frederick Forsyth, DAILY MAIL
  • "Crisis, the debut two years ago by the BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, was much admired, and the second in his Luke Carlton series is even better . . . its themes of Iranian bomb production and divisions in the country’s elite have great topicality."

    John Dugdale, SUNDAY TIMES 'Thriller of the Month'