• "She is a stylist with a wide-ranging and subtle mind. She’s a genius, I believe, because she lights up every subject she touches. Why [ is she] underrated? She is personally modest, and her work doesn’t fit into a category. She is too original for the market."

    Hilary Mantel
  • "This is a wonderful book, and almost not a book at all, more a window into another mind… It is a gift Wroe shares. She registers commonplace things with poetic intensity… A rich, radiant ramble… More, please. Yet if she had written an autobiography it would almost inevitably have followed a standard pattern, wheras Six Facets of Light is unprecedented, unpredictable and unforgettable."

    John Carey, Sunday Times
  • "Ann Wroe is a versatile and adventurous writer, and Six Facets of Light is as delightful as it is unexpected. Here the world's most mysterious medium has found its most passionate hymnist."

    John Banville
  • "You get a sense that Ann Wroe took great delight in writing this book… It takes an emphatically personal approach… Wroe’s quicksilver prose brings her meditations to glinting life. The attuned eye of the naturalist combines with the poet’s sharpened sensitivity in descriptions as intricately detailed as they are idiosyncratically evocative… As far as this reviewer is concerned, it put the light in delight."

    Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times
  • "[It] lays the writer bare and offers up a host of treasures, some of which will resonate and stick and become part of the reader’s own armoury of images and anecdotes… There are some wonderful pickings in this allusive, largely Christo-centric book."

    Honor Clerk, Spectator
  • "A wonderful series of lyrical and luminous meditations on the mysteries of light."

    The Bookseller
  • "[It is] deeply researched and richly peopled… A pleasurably rhapsodic investigation… Wroe’s finely wrought prose slips past so hypnotically that its meaning is not fully revealed. Lulled by its lovely rhythms and glancing impressions… This is hardly a chore, for this is surely a book to return to, its mysteries likely to reward those willing to give it the time it deserves."

    Melissa Harrison, Sunday Telegraph
  • "The effects of Rowe’s writings are rare, beautiful and elusive – like dust suspended in sunlight."

    Laura Freeman, Mail on Sunday
  • "A superb, intensely poetic collection of essays."

    Sunday Times
  • "Wroe has become a daredevil writer… Light of myriad types may blaze in the mind’s eye of the reader…elegantly produced, lightly illustrated volume… Wroe’s style here is rhapsodic and meditative."

    Stoddard Martin, Literary Review