• "Josh Katz cooks in Technicolor. [There is an] interplay of smoke and cumin and paprika; of sugar syrups and rose and pomegranate; of great cuts of meat, and sturdy vegetables surrendering themselves to the fire."

    Jay Rayner, The Guardian
  • "The tray I consumed of smoked short-rib with date glaze, cauliflower shawarma, and beets with whipped feta was so delicious, I woke up the next day considering a house move."

    Grace Dent, The Evening Standard
  • "We were particularly taken with the 'cauliflower shawarma': served whole, halved or quartered as if it were some particularly hardcore cut of offal, bathed in meaty exhalations from the grill, charred to a nutty crispness, suffused somehow with rosewater, slathered with tahini and strewn with pine nuts and [...] pomegranate seeds."

    Keith Miller, The Telegraph
  • "The cool factor and quality of Berber & Q still marks it out from the crowds."

    Guy Dimond, Time Out