• "[Zusak] flings his readers straight into the deep end of his new vast, teeming novel . . . <b>Warm and heartfelt </b>. . . This is a tale of love, art and redemption;<b> </b>rowdy and joyous, with flashes of wit and insight, and ultimately moving."

  • "If <i>The Book Thief</i> was a novel that allowed Death to steal the show... [its] <b>brilliantly illuminated</b> follow-up is affirmatively <b>full of life</b>."

  • "<b>The wait is over.</b>"

    New York Times
  • "This vast novel is <b>a feast of language and irony</b>. There is sly wit on every page... it is hard not to fall a bit in love with it."

    Sydney Morning Herald
  • "<i>Bridge of Clay </i>has been more than a decade in the making, and it shows: The characters are clearly loved, and the artistry of language will leave you gasping at times."

    New York Times