• ‘The best interpreter of Italian ways in Italy’

    Sunday Herald
  • ‘Parks is more than just an effortless raconteur: he offers detailed cultural observation, witty yet eagle-eyed, of what makes Italians so Italian’

    The Times
  • ‘All Italy is here, its history, its character, its flaws’

    Sunday Times
  • A satisfyingly truthful, entertaining and provocative comedy that lays bare Italy's difference, as a nation and as a joyful, warm, ever changeable people, tractable by temperament, immovably stubborn in its traditions

    Julian Evans, Daily Telegraph
  • Few foreigners have written more or better about contemporary Italy than Park, and his familiarity with all things Italian makes for agreeable reading... Often humorous, it is also...a chilling fable about a country that still lives by habits and expectations laid down many decades ago

    Caroline Moorehead, Tablet

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