• "The world’s highest-grade rock’n’roll gossip . . . Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay is a sharp, fast-moving and beautifully written popular history spanning three centuries of wheeling, dealing, horse-trading, cigar-chewing enterprise and skullduggery"

    Mark Ellen
  • "There’s music and there’s the music business. And there’s the relationship between the two. Simon Napier-Bell pulls no punches. He tells this roller coaster of a story like it is: engaging, amusing, heartbreaking, enraging and appalling with every turn of the page"

    Mark Knopfler
  • "One of the best music books I’ve ever read"

    Pete Paphides
  • "A fascinating, witty and optimistic music biz history, by one of its legendary insiders . . . An essential text"

  • "The only history of pop music you’ll ever have to read"

    Huffington Post