• "An animated, first-person narrative about the reality of banking … lively and engaging … Rodgers takes your hand and walks you through the history of finance."

    LSE Review of Books
  • "A welcome addition to the panoply of must-read titles about banking before, during and after the crisis … by someone who was actually at the centre of the industry at the time."

  • "A rip-roaring ride through the dealing floors of the world’s financial market … the storyline is eloquent, right up there with the calibre of the master of the genre, Michael Lewis."

    Financial Advisor
  • "This is an enjoyable, fast-paced yet informative book … readers will be absorbed and fascinated by the inner workings of an industry that is essential to all our lives."

    International Investment
  • "A truly insightful look into the history of technology and what it could mean for banking’s future"

    Small Business Trends