• "Grant writes about the “Overview effect” felt by astronauts … While the book succeeds in inducing that feeling, equally powerful is the bird’s eye view it gives of the potency, for good and bad, of our own ingenuity"

    The Economist
  • "Frankly stunning … A coffee table book that give could give you an existential crisis … There is something undeniably arresting about these photos."

  • "Breath-taking"

    Mail Online
  • "Regimented city grids, psychedelically shaped mines and astonishingly bright rivers are among the gripping spectacles included in Overview"

    Yahoo! News
  • "An alternative overview of the earth as seen from space shows just how alive with colour and vibrancy our planet today is"

    Lonely Planet Travel News
  • "A collection of stunning aerial view photos"

    The Sun
  • "Breath-taking, it’s jarring to see pristine wilderness juxtaposed by more sinister images of destruction."

    The Creator's Project
  • "Illuminating mankind’s impact on the planet"

  • "Stunning"

    'Books of the Year', The Times