• Tim Samuels knows it isn't always easy to be a man. In a disarmingly honest and funny way, he sets about revealing and challenging many of the ways men now find themselves living - taking on everything from war, religion and pornography, to fatherhood and relationships. The book is important as well as charming: something for many men, and as importantly women, to read, learn and be consoled by.

    Alain de Botton
  • So THAT’S what they’re thinking, a fascinating peep behind the curtains of the 21st century male psyche… Hilarious, witty, insightful, and unique

    Helen Fielding, author of Bridget Jones
  • Insightful, funny, and honest, Who Stole My Spear? is a great guide not to Real Man but to real men

    David Baddiel
  • I laughed a lot. And cried some, but only on the inside. Which is where a man cries

    David Duchovny
  • A soul-baring attempt to figure out what it means to be masculine

    Louis Theroux

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