• "An essential read for anyone in retail or anyone who wants to understand retail better"

    Mike Sharp, CEO of Debenhams
  • "So simple (...) you'll wish you had thought of it yourself"

    Christophe Roussel, Former head of Tesco International sourcing
  • "Anyone who reads this book will have a major advantage over their rivals in the race to the boardroom. It should be a mandatory set text on every business and retail marketing course."

    Nicholas Coleridge CBE, President of Condé Nast International
  • "I thoroughly recommend this book... tough love, not feel-good theory, you will have learnt a lot and be better for having read this book"

    Jason Tarry, Commerical Director of Tesco UK and International
  • "John provides a wealth of knowledge of the industry...[that] might just help you along the journey towards becoming a sales guru."

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