• "Bannister has the knack of making the extraordinary seem normal and the normal seem extraordinary. It all comes together in dazzling, pin-sharp storytelling, where humour. acute social commentary and some terrific aliens jostle together."

    Jamie Buxton, DAILY MAIL
  • "Wonderful . . . a worthy successor to the potential realised in Creation Machine. There’s some really big ideas here. I suspect I am only just comprehending the true ambition of these books. I really like this series."

    Mark Yon, SFFWORLD
  • "Ancient, brooding technologies...Renegade slaves in a stolen starships...In Bannister’s hands space opera lives on, gaudy and brutal and glorious. The Spin Doctor is back."

  • "With Bannister's debut novel, Creation Machine, we seemed to have struck a nugget of SF gold. With Iron Gods our luck continues and it seems that with this new author we may well have found a vein of the stuff."