• "Brilliant."

    Sunday Independent
  • "One of the most remarkable and enjoyable books that has been written about the Easter Rising in recent times . . . This stunning narrative . . a real page-turner that captures the pathos and patriotism of 1916."

    Dr. Brian Murphy, Irish Independent
  • "The best history book I read was Gene Kerrigan's The Scrap . . as brilliantly paced as one of his thrillers."

    Colm Toibin, The Books of 2015, Irish Times
  • "Essential reading . . . his mastery lies in the telling detail . . . with his novelist's eye and democratic insistence on every character being afforded equal weight, Kerrigan directly brings us into the terrifying mayhem facing a group of ordinary volunteers during a week that left a city in flames."

    Dermot Bolger, Irish Times
  • "A monumental account of the Easter Rising."

    Kim Bielenberg, Irish Independent