• "Ricochets the reader around the globe, providing a visceral sense of the power and pace of the whirlwind that in the wake the Great War birthed the world as we know it. The result is a kaleidoscopic portrait, brilliantly curated and elegantly executed, of a world on the cusp of modernity"

    Wade Davis, author of Into the Silence
  • "A remarkable book… An amazingly audacious and completely innovative way of writing history … immediate and gripping"

    William Boyd
  • "An ambitious, original, seductive and important work"

    Robert Gildea
  • "Brings this extraordinary time to life with great vividness by evoking key moments from the daily lives of a dazzling variety of people"

    Adam Hochschild
  • "Emmerson skilfully tells the story of this lingering end to the Great War and Europe’s subsequent and dramatic transformation"

    History of War