• "Like Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Walden is one of those seriously important books I feel I must have read and, if I haven't, I should, because seriously important people - Tolstoy, Marx, Gandhi - said that it changed their lives"

    Sue Arnold, Guardian
  • "A lovely read...Thoreau was ahead of his time, right down to his hipster beard"

    Lauren Laverne, The Pool
  • "Walden can be taken as an antidote to apathy and anxiety. With its high spirits and keen appeals to the senses, it fortifies"

    John Updike, Guardian
  • "Walden is really the original alternative manifesto"

    Martin Kettle, Guardian
  • "It is as philosophy, as one of the great self-help books, as a spiritual message, that is Walden at its most powerful"

    Washington Post

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