• "Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister is a monumental work, worthy both of Jung Chang’s Mao and of the great, rambling, heterogeneous Chinese folk epics of the oral past, such as The Water Margin and The Three Kingdoms. Its three fairy-tale heroines, poised between east and west, spanned three centuries, two continents and a revolution, with consequences that reverberate, perhaps now more than ever, in all our lives to this day."

    Hilary Spurling, Spectator
  • "One of this autumn's biggest reads, it's an astounding story told with verve and insight."

  • "Utterly engrossing… It stars a trio of extraordinary women… Their gripping collective story reads like Wild Swans meets the Mitfords; and the history feels remarkably close to our own times too."

    Caroline Sanderson, Bookseller
  • "A rollicking ride."

    Vaudine England, Literary Review
  • "An absorbing biography of the Soong sisters and a history of China… lucid, wise, forgiving… Chang gives a new twist to an old line. Behind every great man…is a Soong sister."

    The Times
  • "The Soong sisters were an extraordinary trio… Jung Chang has shown, in books such as Wild Swans, her instinct for a compelling story, and that instinct stands her in good stead here as she weaves her way through the complex history of China from the 1880s to the 1970s… [Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister is] well worth reading."

    Rana Mitter, Sunday Times
  • "A remarkable story of war, communism and espionage related with nuanced sympathy... The lives of the three Song sisters – the subjects of Jung Chang’s spirited new book – are more than worthy of an operatic plot."

    Julia Lovell, Guardian