• "A wonderful cookbook . . . defiantly and hilariously unprecious, even as it demonstrates on every page the author’s discernment as a gourmet. Periodically Meades erupts in wittily splenetic denunciations of holier-than-thou food ist rhetoric. [<i>The Plagiarist in the Kitchen</i>] instantiates a philosophy of food that is wiser and cleverer than anything you will read under the burgeoning academic rubric of “philosophy of food”."

  • "Meades returns now as defiant, playful, and possibly punch drunk as ever . . . <i>The Plagiarist in the Kitchen </i>is a cookbook in the mode of, say, <i>The Futurist Cookbook, The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, </i>or a good old-fashioned M. F. K. Fisher."

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "Meades is one of our most eloquent and excellent iconoclasts . . . Although the prose is as opinionated and elegant as you'd expect, this is a brilliant, magnificently old-fashioned cookbook."

    Mail on Sunday
  • "<i>The Plagiarist in the Kitchen</i> is hilariously grumpy, muttering at us “Don’t you bastards know anything?” You can read it purely for literary pleasure, but Jonathan Meades makes everything sound so delicious that the non-cook will be moved to cook and the bad cook will cook better.""

  • "Witty, forthright and full of excellent recipes. A welcome companion for self-catering holidays."