• "Perhaps the best book ever written by a non-Muslim about Islam in Britain."

    5 Pillars
  • "This is an impressively sustained attempt to listen to what British Muslims are actually saying, honest, fair-minded and not uncritical. For once we are allowed to see Islamic life in Britain in its human diversity, its three-dimensional reality. A seriously necessary book."

    Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury
  • "A fascinating journey across the diversity of Al-Britannia. Fergusson's fresh approach yields powerful and honest insights. A must read."

    Miqdaad Versi, Muslim Council of Britain
  • "A compelling and compassionate survey of British Islam."

    The Guardian
  • "A highly readable and common sense dismantling of the conventional view of British Islam. His gentle, unassuming tone makes his analysis all the more powerful. His message is urgent… a hugely important book."

    Peter Oborne