• "Goldsworthy is an elegant writer, skilful at building atmosphere. Her fiction-within-fiction device is clever and intriguing ... the novel could hardly seem more of the moment"

    Rose Wild, The Times
  • "It often takes an emigre to describe a country most clearly, and Goldsworthy, who was born in Belgrade but has lived in London for 30 years, is proving a most accomplished poet of her adopted city ... A delight"

    Claire Allfree, Daily Mail
  • "In all three of her books, Goldsworthy has displayed a gift for creating atmosphere ... One of Goldsworthy’s strengths is the sensitivity with which she portrays the many marriages in the book ... Much of the pleasure of reading this remarkable novel comes from its passionate dedication to the power of stories."

    Lara Feigel, The Guardian
  • "In this subtle, intelligent novel, Albertine's narration of events in 1947, as her own story begins to carry reminders of Tolstoy's, proves poignant and effective"

    Nick Rennison, The Sunday Times
  • "A beautiful haunting novel… looking at a familiar London through a frosty, snowy lens. Wonderful"

    Caryl Phillips

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