• "<b><i>Origins </i>by Lewis Dartnell stands comparison with Yuval Noah Harari’s <i>Sapiens</i>…</b><b>A thrilling piece of Big History</b>"

    Sunday Times
  • "<b>‘Extraordinary… <i>Origins</i> is one of those rare books that dissolves mystery through the steady application of sublime lucidity. </b>While reading it, I kept thinking: “Oh, that makes sense…” … Dartnell understands geology, geography, anthropology, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and history. That’s quite an achievement, but what makes him special is the way he communicates the interconnectedness of these disciplines in a clear, logical and entertaining way…<b>Superb.</b>"

    The Times
  • "Dartnell has found <b>the perfect blend of science and history</b>. This is a book that will not only challenge our preconceptions about the past, but should make us think very carefully about humanity’s future"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "<b>Dartnell’s story is beautifully written and organized</b>. His <b>infectious curiosity</b> and enthusiasm tug the reader from page to page, synthesizing geology, oceanography, meteorology, geography, palaeontology, archaeology and political history in a manner that recalls Jared Diamond’s classic 1997 book <i><b>Guns, Germs, and Steel</b></i>"


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