• "Reminiscent of vintage Arthur C. Clarke . . . has a chilling, nail-biting authenticity."

    James Lovegrove, FINANCIAL TIMES
  • "The Day After Tomorrow meets Neuromancer . . . When the planet's magnetic field fails, the naked sun threatens to deliver an extinction level event now – and every century – unless a high-tech near future humanity can save itself. Sunfall is sizzling stuff. And the best informed techno-thriller you are ever likely to read."

    STEPHEN BAXTER, author of the Xeelee sequence
  • "With its well-crafted world-building, cutting-edge science, and believable, engaging characters caught in a desperate race to stave off the end of the world, this fast-paced near-future thriller is an impressive debut novel from one of our foremost science communicators. Brilliant! "

    Professor IAN STEWART, co-author of The Science of Discworld series
  • "A thrilling futuristic page-turner of a novel in which the future of science, and the technology that underpins it, is as gripping as the plot."

    Professor MARK MIODOWNIK, author of Stuff Matters
  • "Packed with insights and action, Sunfall is a pacy and enlightening antidote to the usual dystopian drone about the unexpected consequences of technology, or when perverted science spins out of control. Jim Al-Khalili’s debut page-turner describes how, when our local star threatens Armageddon, science really can save the day."

    Professor ROGER HIGHFIELD, science writer and director of The Science Museum