• "An instant true-crime classic ... This shocking true story will be talked about, and argued about, for decades to come."

    Burl Barer, Edgar Award-winning true crime author
  • "A shocking example of what can happen when our justice system fails ... Griesbach's unflinching page-turner brings us closer to the truth."

    Barry Scheck, Co-founder of the National Innocence Project
  • "

    Destined to be one of this year's top true crime books.


    Kimberley Cantrell, True Crime Book Reviews
  • "The Innocent Killer is about tragedy, but it's also about hope. I survived my own personal nightmare when I was assaulted on the beach that day only to learn years later that I unwittingly played a starring role in someone else's ... We can't unring the bell of an injustice; we can't right the wrong. But we must joust with humility and learn from our mistakes — because to do anything less would be unforgivable."

    Penny Beerntsen, crime survivor and restorative justice spokeswoman