• "A smoothly written account of the U.S. and the world economy during the 1970s and parts of the 1980s . . . Mr. Levinson is a smart enough author not to be tempted into some breathless mono-causal account of either the earlier “boom” or the later slowdown."

    Wall Street Journal
  • "An efficiently presented chronology of the global economy since the end of World War II . . . Weaving together data and narrative, [Levinson] shows how productivity growth foundered and the irritant of inflation appeared and would not leave."

    Best Books of 2017, strategy+business
  • "Provocative . . . Levinson reminds us how mesmerizing the post-World War II boom was."

    Washington Post
  • "A valuable antidote to all passionately held economic ideologies."

    Paul Collier, Times Literary Supplement
  • "Levinson, an economist and ex-journalist . . . has the virtues of both — an eye for detail and an understanding of the broader picture."

    Best Economics Books of 2016, Washington Post