• "Coupland adopts…an Andy Warholish mode, somewhere between mocking, lamenting, celebrating even the most troubling aspects of postmodernity."

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "[Coupland’s] new collection has its basis in that rarefied literary form, the art catalogue … [he] is at his best when he muses on new opportunities and challenges presented by technology."

    The National
  • "[T]he Vancouver-based tech-seer, critic, author and artist again proves himself to be one of the most entertaining and thoughtful futurologists on the planet."

    The Herald
  • "Bit Rot is wry and wise, terrifying and hilarious, and it makes us LOL while still using “LOL” correctly."

    i Paper
  • "Every page is full of wit, surprise and delight"

    Dluxe Magazine