• "The definitive book on Bowie"

    The Times
  • "

    Dylan Jones made absolutely the right decision to frame his superb life of David Bowie as a multi-voiced oral biography. David Bowie: A Life suits the shape-shifting, beguiling, enigmatic complexities of its subject perfectly. It’s hard to imagine
    anything that will do Bowie better justice


    William Boyd, Guardian
  • "

    Jones constructs an oral-history mosaic that will engage even those whose lives
    were not changed by the appearance of Ziggy Stardust on Top of the Pops in 1972


    Guardian, BOOKS OF THE YEAR
  • "The best book on David Bowie you’ll ever need or read."

    Irish Independent, BOOKS OF THE YEAR
  • "Worthy of the Starman … Of all the volumes to appear since Bowie’s death, this is the most useful: an oral history that brings together the most incisive reminiscences and memorials"

    Evening Standard
  • "Dylan Jones has excavated the cacophony of voices that make up a life and curated a phenomenal portrait of the artist from childhood to the final days. The witnesses who comprise this oral biography animate the pages like characters in a non-fiction novel. Damn nigh peerless."

    David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas
  • "

    Studded with shiny nuggets


    Daily Telegraph
  • "The perfect present for music mums and dads"

    Daily Mirror
  • "Funny, enlightening, gossipy’"

    The Herald
  • "Sparks with admiration and grievances, lust and envy"

    Sunday Telegraph