• "A great journalist with a whip-like satirical prose style… Wolfe’s great gift is to make the heavy seem light and this book is such an entertaining polemic that I read it in a day and immediately wanted to read it again."

    Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times
  • "You’re in the hands of a master who has never written a dull word in his life. Tom Wolfe, America’s greatest man of letters, is 85 and still fizzing with energy and insight… Wolfe packs a lot in it, [The Kingdom of Speech] writing with the fluency and vigour of a man one-third his age."

    James Delingpole, Mail on Sunday
  • "The style is instantly recognisable, and the book hurtles on for 160 pages of wicked, opinionated, high-velocity prose."

    Alun Anderson, New Scientist
  • "A marvelous mix of gleeful energy and whip-around-the-neck control, and his book is a gas to read."

    Charles Mann, Wall Street Journal (Europe)
  • "It is clear how much we have missed him… The wonder of his book is its point of view. He is a polemicist, a slayer of reputation and pretension… It is wonderful to have him back."

    Philip Delves Broughton, Financial Times

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