• "‘Breen is at his best in his anecdotes…[he] tells you all the interesting things about the Korea of today’"

    Financial Times
  • "As good a guide to a fascinating country in transformation as you will get."

    Management Today
  • "A broad and deep exposition of South Korean history, politics, economy and society that will have even the oldest Korea hands going "I never knew that".'"

    DANIEL TUDOR, author of Korea: The Impossible Country
  • "Not only is The New Koreans magnificent in its sweep and depth; as a bonus, it' to read"

    BRADLEY K. MARTIN, author of Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader
  • "[An] informative, deep introduction to this fascinating (and not well-known) country and, in addition, an engaging read."

    ANDREI LANKOV, author of The Dawn of Modern Korea