• "Around the world, countries are embracing early-childhood projects, opening snazzy centres and dispatching home visitors. But too many projects are of poor quality. Mr Tough shows that it need not be this way."

    The Economist
  • "[A book] you really should read."

    Huffington Post
  • "Packed with . . . research-based insights into addressing students’ core social and emotional needs. For the past decade or more Tough has been one of the pre-eminent reporters translating education research for public consumption. His new, slim book is no exception, and it contains some surprises for fans of his previous work."

  • "This book upends everything we thought we knew about where grit comes from and how to get it."

  • "Tough is adept at translating academic jargon into precise, accessible prose . . . Tough promotes [his argument] so persuasively."

    New York Times