Married at First Sight

Kathy Lette


If love is blind then marriage is sure to open your eyes…

When she decides to go on a reality show, Shelly isn’t sure what she’s in for. The premise is simple, that she marry a stranger who science has decided is her perfect match. The catch being that the first time they meet is on their wedding day. It’s not all bad, he is a good looking fellow… consummating the thing definitely won’t be a problem!

Despite their –ahem— compatability, this path to wedded bliss is far from smooth and Kit isn’t quite the man of her dreams. Brash, shallow and American he’s not exactly what she imagined when she was dreaming of happily ever after…

To make matters worse, their honeymoon in paradise soon turns out to be anything else. Stuck in a foreign land, Shelley is quickly trying to save her fledgling marriage amongst civil war, natural disaster and something worse than both combined… a television crew.

  • Black Swan
  • Published 17th May 2018
  • 320 Pages
  • £8.99